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It's about timing

Getting involved early has its benefits, and SEQUR is right at the start of its journey. We are now living in a world experiencing financial, social and medical upheaval. Dispensing technology accounts for, tracks and protects stock. After all, how often does a commercially-ready dispensing technology with medical applications appear on the market, complete with pre-orders? Now is the time while the window is open.

What am I investing in?

In summary, SEQUR's range dispenses stock securely within a small volume of space.

A mechanical double-locking method uses protected technology to ensure a superior degree of item protection. 

SEQUR software enables user accountability and stock control.

On top of patented IP and fast restock cassette technology, there are features not currently publicised within development.

Who am I investing in?

A small team of dedicated individuals with a wide variety of disciplines and minimal outlay.

Where's the ROI?

SEQUR is highly competitive on price against ranges of a similar capacity. The locking technology utilised is cost effective to produce, avoiding complex, expensive parts.

The machine can be run by established software on the market, as well as a scalable, subscription based SEQUR-developed platform.

Interested in becoming an investor?

Interest in SEQUR's potential is significant, and we are looking to rapidly expand on our initial proposals. We are accepting applications to invest in our next funding round. To express interest in joining us on our journey, please indicate using the form below.

I am interested in invesing in SEQUR
Are you a UK taxpayer or overseas based?
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Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you shortly.

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