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Uncompromising & dynamic solutions

Inventory location

Individual drawer compartments are identifiable to the system, allowing any changes to be tracked following drawer access. Compartments highlight desired items using pulsed LEDs, drawing the attention of the user.

Items can be packaged, individual or multiple making for a challenging dispensing situation. The design of the machine allows for open-topped or covered bays, and not only are the drawers able to be wider and taller if needed, the depth of each compartment can be catered for.



Flexible modularity means machines can occupy small footprints of space around strategy equipment and supplies rather than dictating operational set-up.
A screen top section runs access control to the drawers. For larger items or a greater stock of items, a larger machine is available. The larger machine dispenses all items quickly at a common height.

Supplies, weaponry and ammunition are accountable upon removal, secure from hostile acquisition. 



Additional options, materials and machine range are available for discussion. For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact us.



Highest m    capacity

  • Micro drawers for smallest items

  • No need to refill as often

Bespoke software

  • Hierarchical admin access

  • Dispense by item or kit

Innovation at heart

  • Bespoke Defence specification

  • Additional layers of security


The enemy won't play by the rules, so preparedness is key

High security product storage

Low volume items with high value such as ammunition cartridges cannot fall into enemy hands. Knowing where everything is located is vital.

Knowing what tools are where

On tour thousands of miles from home, tools are harder to chance upon. Track tools usage in remote stations to know what is where.



From humid to sandy, dry environments there are additional precautions built into military-ready machines. The SEQUR range is developed to operate in high and low temperatures in demanding environments.


We're listening

New technology, new expectations. Discover a more affordable approach to dispensing. Tell us what you need.

Drawer width, height and internal compartment depths are interchangeable within the same machine, offering fit-for-purpose bespoke solutions.

Drawer Flexibility

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