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Exclusive to SEQUR, the flexibility and mobility of our desktop dispensing machine just unlocked new possibilities within the desktop workspace. The scalability of this high capacity, small footprint solution enables vast customisation.


SEQUR unveils a new approach to stock replenishment with pre-filled drawer options allowing the fastest restock on the market.

With announcements to follow, this is a true game changer for suppliers and machine owners alike.


Developed safe, sustainable

and accountable healthcare.

Developed for manufacturing

and secure service logistics.

Developed for the most demanding environments and operations.


Dispensary technology

Innovative, high security for large capacity 

Multi-locking ability ensures each machine is never caught mid-transaction. Centralised hub networking ability ensures machines update users in realtime across entire company assets. Featuring purpose-built software for the sector, the user experience interface is simplified to accelerate machine interaction.



In a world where space is a premium, going smaller with a larger capacity enables users to do more with less. Introducing the only secure desktop vending solution that is scalable.


Simple to use for greater efficiency, the SEQUR range supports the purposely developed SEQUR RX vending software. Administration hierarchy, kit dispatch and fast refill allow a non-time consuming, logical operation.


Facial readers and fingerprint readers are compatible with the software allowing extra layers of security.


Images of the users at the point of dispatch can be taken with the monitor camera accessory.


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